Standard warranty terms

Please adhere to these as prerequisite to avail warranty
    • Once customer buy product it is mandatory to register product within 15 days on our website along with invoice copy https://aadona.com/product-registratiom/
    • Invoice must carry product serial numbers clearly along with model number
    • Warranty will be counted from the day of purchase and the invoice uploaded during product registration
    • If invoice is not uploaded during online product registration
    • warranty will be counted 3 months from the date of import
    • For warranty claim customer need to log warranty claim through our website after login in to customer section and submit warranty claim form along with below details like
      • Model name
      • Date of purchase
      • Serial number (Be careful on this as wrong serial number means warranty rejection)
      • Full Name of purchase source
      • City of purchase
      • Product registration token number (This is the one you got over mail when you registered your product with us)
      • Invoice copy with serial number
      • Email ID
      • Direct contact number (You may get a call back for basic troubleshooting on the same number)
  • Customer must call our toll free number 1800-202-6599 to get support and authorization
  • Our support team help troubleshooting and verification and issue ticket number if found faulty
  • Company obligation under this policy shall be limited to repairing by replacing the damaged part. In case the machine is beyond repair, the company has option to replace it. At any given point of time, the maximum value of claims, if entertained by the company, will be subject to maximum retail price of product purchased or the purchase price, which ever is lower.
  • In case if company decides for replacement, then replacement unit will be shipped to customer either directly or through authorized channel partner. The replacement unit would be handed over to customer against the defective unit and same needs to be handed over to AADONA authorized person.
  • Any refund disputes will be confined to your point of sale policies and AADONA will not be liable for the same.
  • We arrange replacement to the customer through purchase source for free if under standard warranty, there may be some standard lead time for the same.

Process of paid warranty

Advanced replacement policy
  • Process remains same as above from point 1 to point 9
  • We ship the unit immediately to your address once warranty is authorized and approved

  • You have to ship faulty unit back on to pay basis within 7 days of receiving the unit, for this you have to pay the security deposit for the cost of device which you will get refund with in 7 days once we receive the faulty unit at our end.

  • Try to ship the unit back in the original box without any accessories to avoid any physical damage during transit

  • Shipping back unit safely is customer’s responsibility, in case of receiving physical damaged unit the replacement unit will be fully charged as new with new warranty on it.

Extended Warranty

Extender warranty policy
  • Extended warranty is a paid warranty service for getting extension to standard warranty
  • Extended warranty pack is available as annual pack only
  • Customer may choose to buy extended warranty after purchase of the product or during purchase of the product
  • Extended warranty purchased during the initial purchase of the product itself will be offered 2% discount on the warranty pack cost
  • Extended warranty pack can only be purchased within 45 days or original purchase (discount not applicable)
  • For extended warranty pack customer need to provide original invoice copy along with serial numbers of the products

When is warranty void / refused?

Warranty void policy
  • Product got burned out due to electrical fault at customer end, like power surge, fluctuation, over power, reverse current, short circuit.
  • Product that gone faulty due to customer negligence like water leakage, free fall, improper installation, rusting etc.
  • Serial number is missing or not in a readable format
  • After inspection if product found not faulty
  • Unauthorized product tampering, attempt of open, attempt to repair
  • If security seal is damaged
  • Tampering with product firmware
  • Product is physically damaged
  • Serial number on invoice and on device do not match
  • If device is reported or flagged under payment issue with point of sales
  • If product ownership changes to someone else or reported stolen

Mode of transport?

  • All authorized warranty replacements are shipped through surface transport by default
  • Air shipments are done only on customers request and difference amount must be paid by the customer
  • One side shipment cost is on customer and one side cost will be born by AADONA
  • If the product sent to us as faulty not found faulty both side shipment cost will be on customer (to avoid this please get help to troubleshoot calling our toll free number 1800-202-6599)
  • Once shipped customer may request for docket ID for tracking, for any delay by the logistics company AADONA will not be responsible as AADONA uses popular third party vendors.
  • Customer may also choose to arrange pickup in case they do not want to depend on our services


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