Enterprise Wireless Controller

The world revolves around communication and WiFi is one of the most common necessities, post-COVID demand for high-quality high performance WiFi has increased many folds, with 5G round the corner this demand is expected to grow further.

AADONA’s APOLLO series wireless access points and controllers are for indoor and outdoor applications and offer true enterprise grade smart wireless networks for all industry verticals. Irrespective of the deployment scenario, enterprise series wireless controllers along with wireless access points provide highly secure performance with reliable throughput even in high user density deployments.

AADONA wireless comes in 802.11ac and 802.11ax flavors and features offered by access points fulfill rising customer expectations no matter how tough the environment is. The solutions not only address enterprise customer needs but also requirements from different vertical markets like Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Government, Manufacturing, Retail Chains, Smart City, City Surveillance, and many more.