Network Security

The AADONA ICARUS Series is an advanced, made-in-India next-generation firewall designed to provide premium-class enterprise security solutions. With its wide range of features and capabilities, the ICARUS Series is suitable for various sectors, including government, BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance), defense, railways, and more. This overview will highlight the key aspects and benefits of the AADONA ICARUS Series, such as its scalability, flexibility, certifications, and comprehensive warranty.

Key Features:
  1. Enterprise-grade Security: The ICARUS Series offers robust security features to safeguard critical data and network infrastructure. It incorporates advanced threat detection, intrusion prevention, malware protection, and content filtering capabilities.
  2. Application Support: With its wide range of applications, the ICARUS Series is tailored to meet the diverse needs of different industries. Whether it's securing sensitive government networks, protecting financial institutions, or ensuring the integrity of defense systems, the ICARUS Series delivers reliable application support.
  3. Scalability: The ICARUS Series is available in various models, ranging from 50-user to 2000-user appliances. For larger organizations, it offers server or cloud-based solutions to cater to more than 2000 users. This scalability ensures that businesses of all sizes can find a suitable solution to meet their specific requirements.
  4. Modular Design: AADONA ICARUS appliances feature a modular design that provides flexibility in choosing interfaces. This enables organizations to customize their firewall setup according to their network architecture and connectivity needs.
  5. High-speed Connectivity: The appliances in the ICARUS Series are equipped with 1G to 10G ports, allowing for seamless high-speed connectivity. This ensures efficient data transfer and supports bandwidth-intensive applications, meeting the demands of modern enterprise networks.


AADONA takes pride in its commitment to quality and compliance. The ICARUS Series is certified with the following standards:

  • ISO-9001: Demonstrates adherence to quality management systems.
  • ISO-10002: Ensures compliance with product and service quality standards.
  • ISO-14001: Highlights environmental management system compliance.
  • ISO-27001: Guarantees information security management system implementation.
  • MSME: Recognizes AADONA as a Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises.
  • DPIIT: Certification from the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade.

Comprehensive Warranty:

AADONA provides a comprehensive three-year warranty with the ICARUS Series. This warranty coverage offers peace of mind to customers, ensuring that any manufacturing defects or functional issues are promptly addressed and resolved.


The AADONA ICARUS Series stands as a leading made-in-India next-generation firewall solution, providing a wide range of premium-class enterprise security features. With its scalability, modular design, high-speed connectivity, and certifications, the ICARUS Series caters to the security needs of government, BFSI, defense, railways, and other sectors. Backed by a comprehensive three-year warranty, AADONA ICARUS Series empowers organizations to protect their networks and critical data effectively.

ICARUS NG-UTM and UTM Firewall product line offers wide range of features to address your network data security challenges, we offer premium equipment with high reliability and performance by profound knowledge in telco-class equipment’s. The AADONA ICARUS series solutions have mission-oriented design and a complete product portfolio to offer the best-fit solutions for customers critical network needs. The solutions meet not only SMB and Enterprise needs, but also requirements of different vertical markets like Education, Government, Corporate, BSFI, PSU’s, Railways, Manufacturing, Retail Chains etc.

Along side offering Network Security equipments, we offer comprehensive Security Audit to find loop holes in your network that can become venerability points to steal your critical business and customer data, lately these kind of breaches cost you business or customers. Lost trust, lost market worth and so on, If you wish to know more on Security Audit Services please visit VAPT section under IoT.