COVID and Business

While we slipping into a difficult phase we have no clue where is this going, something that no one has ever experienced in a centuries time, it’s already approximately 2 months we are facing lockdown, projects are on hold, customers are in waiting and stocks piled up in a warehouse, finance cost, turnover, and no sales making it difficult for startups to survive, AADONA being an Indian brand we are facing everything that all others are facing but we are standing strong as our partners are supportive, to make the best use of this time we are imparting partner training, sending regular updates to our customers and keeping our team motivated so that they can focus on their job rather than seeping into depression.

As a policy, we promised our team that we will continue paying their salaries and will not let go of any employees in the face of this pandemic. Hope things get better over the coming weeks and business gets back to normal. Mean the time it’s good for everyone to strictly follow Government guidelines, wear masks, do not go outside until it is too urgent, use sanitizer and take good care of your loved ones.


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